Entitlements and Permit Processing

We provide a full array of services in planning the future of communities. Our expertise in community and land use planning combined with our understanding of market and financial analysis results in development concepts that are practical and feasible. We have experience with sites that involve redevelopment or re-use as well as vacant land. We also enjoy working with multidisciplinary teams either as the team lead or as a sub-consultant. We manage and/or assist in the development approval process for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Below, you will find a list of services we provide:


Subdivisions and Land Development Approval

• Due Diligence
• Zoning and allowed uses
• Parcel Maps and Lot Splits
• Use Permits
• Tentative Subdivision Maps
• Design Review approvals
• Research regarding what uses are allowed on the property
• Variances
• Major Entitlements (General Plan Amendments, Rezones, etc)
• Miscellaneous Entitlements

Land Use and Development Consulting

• Feasibility studies
• Site Selection
• Cost/beneficial analysis
• Fee estimates
• Expert Witness
• Eminent domain & land use litigation

Owner Representation

• Local Political Consulting
• Meetings with local officials and agencies
• Violations and Code Enforcement Resolution
• Public Hearings
• Community and Neighborhood Outreach

Planning and Building Permit Processing

• New Construction
• Remodels and Additions
• Accessory Granny Units
• Major Entitlements
• Garage Conversions and second floor additions
• Residential and Commercial Use Permits
• Liquor License Applications and Letters of Public Convenience of Necessity
• Right of Away Negotiation and Acquisition